We put everything possible into our woven shirts to make them the best. We spend endless hours working on designs and color combinations in order to give you a beautiful, flattering shirt.




We take great care to engineer our fit silhouettes to be both stylish and comfortable. Our shirts are cut and sewn in an exceptionally precise factory and the fit is regular -- not too tight and ultra-trim, but not too relaxed, either. 


woven shirts checks and colors


A great amount of attention is paid to creating perfectly balanced color combinations for every Scott Barber garment. We believe each color in a design palette must be complementary to all others. To a trained eye, there isn't just one shared of the color olive (or brown or rust or even gray), but literally hundreds. We consider them all, ultimately selecting just the right shade to work with other colors in a pattern.



The stitching in our shirts is finely-spaced and pristinely executed. The entire shirt is sewn with single-needle tailoring, giving a much cleaner appearance to the seams.




There are many design cues that make a Scott Barber shirt one of a kind. Consider our precise pattern matching, across the front placket and through the pocket.  A sure sign that a shirt is well made is to look at this detail.  Many patterned shirt makers fail at this miserably, while a Scott Barber shirt’s patterns match perfectly. It’s a process that takes extra material and extreme attention to button tolerances. But it’s worth it.


we're buttoned down on every detail woven shirt


 We spend hours selecting the right color and material for our buttons. The right button can be the perfect complement to a shirt, while one that’s even slightly off can detract from the look. We design and specify our own buttons and make them from quality materials like shell or horn.



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