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About Us

"I’ve always admired well-designed, beautifully-made things. These are usually the result of one person’s point of view and eye for detail. I’ve always loved sports cars and motorcycles. My dad was a military pilot when he was young, so I grew up going to air shows and learning about old airplanes. It doesn’t matter if it’s camping gear or furniture, there’s a marked difference between the ordinary stuff and the things that are worth worrying about.

When I started my brand, I wanted to make things that stood out as special. I lead all of the design and sourcing of our products. I know our customers are very discerning and that they have a world of choice, so we can’t miss a trick. We are obsessive in our attention to detail. We use the finest materials we can find and we insist that the construction of our garments is done at the highest level.

Our goal is to be your favorite sportswear brand. We want you to look good and feel good wearing our clothes. Helping you to express your personal style is important to us and, during every stage of the process, we’re thinking about you. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to make great clothes for you."



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