March 01, 2019

We’re just coming out of our worst snowstorm of the year, but it’s still that time of year when we’re shipping all of our new spring styles to the stores. We don’t like to foist new themes on you or make obsolete all the nice things you’ve bought from us in the past. It is the fashion business, however, and there’s always something new to get excited about. The overriding theme right now is how relaxed and casual men are dressing these days. We were on a bit of an ultra-luxe push for a while, but, particularly during the warm season, men want to be comfortable. Even if you’re a dedicated clothes horse, there are fewer occasions for which it’s appropriate to really dress up.

So, how do you dress down and still dress well? That’s easy. Buy and wear great clothes and put things together in a stylish way. There’s a method to make very relaxed, casual clothes still stand out as special, a cut above the ordinary. As with great food, you start with the best ingredients. Fine fabrics for woven shirts and pants and beautiful yarns for knit shirts all look, perform and feel better than something unexceptional. To continue the food analogy, careful preparation comes next. The quality of construction and the balance and fit silhouette of the garment are paramount. Clothes that are well-made look and fit better and have nicer details. These things flatter you when you wear them.

Another piece of the puzzle is to have fun and wear colors and patterns that are a bit more light-hearted and happy. Fresh bright colors look like spring and summer and make people think you’re having fun. Depending on your work environment, this look may be appropriate, but I’m really talking about getting away from the typical office casual look. Finally, putting it all together is up to you. Put on some lightweight cotton flat-front pants or non-denim five pocket jeans with a brightly colored checked or plaid shirt. Roll up the bottoms of the pants, throw on a navy or yellow braided belt and forget the socks. Nice Bermudas are a good look, but, if you’re out of college, avoid the short ones. They should come pretty close to your knees.  Some classic, sport shoes like Adidas Stan Smiths or Superga canvas sneakers work perfectly. If this is a bit too casual, forget rolling up the pants and swap the sneakers for driving shoes.

It’s probably easiest to look good in a tuxedo and it can go downhill from there, but it doesn’t have to. The world is full of beautiful clothes for every occasion. Have a fun, happy relaxing spring and summer!

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