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May 01, 2019

There has been a bit of discussion about Bermuda shorts becoming shorter. Maybe I remember the 70s too well, but I’m not buying it. After a fairly recent trip to Italy with my wife and kids, which ended at the Mediterranean beach town of Viareggio, I’ve decided what I think is the correct gentlemen’s Bermuda short. I think 9 ½” is about the right inseam, which, in general, will hit around an inch above the knee.

The significant change from a few years ago is that the leg is somewhat narrower at the bottom, giving a cleaner, less blousy look. It’s not narrow like a girl’s long jean short nor as narrow as that point on a current moderately trim pant, but it has about two inches less circumference than it would have had a couple of years ago. The retro 5”-7” inseam shorts aren’t really Bermudas anyway. They’re ok for the young kids who flip up the collars on their polo shirts, but I’d stay away.

Final tip: Never, ever wear Bermuda shorts that are tight. Buy the next size. You’ll be more comfortable and so will the people who are looking at you.

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