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Holiday Gift Guide

Here are a few things the man in your life might enjoy. A common complaint among wives is that their husbands are of no help at all in telling them what they’d like for Christmas. If my wife could afford a McLaren 720S or an aerobatic airplane, she’d be in good shape. As it is, I have a hard time thinking of anything I want or need. Here are a few things I think a cool guy would like.


  1. Leather Head medicine ball

This is something for the man who has everything. Leather Head makes vintage footballs and basketballs as well. They look really cool on the shelf, but they aren’t very useable. The medicine ball is also very cool, but it’s perfect for your home gym. This is something I bet he doesn’t already have.


  1. Supply one blade razor

This feels substantial and well-made, something that makes you enjoy using it and owning it. It also shaves very well. Miles cooler than a Trac II even if it’s only a razor.


  1. Saxx Ulta boxer briefs

These are the most comfortable boxers on the planet. They’re soft to the touch with plenty of stretch and they seem to last forever.


  1. Big Green Egg grill/smoker

If you don’t mind lighting the fire and waiting a little while, this is a fantastic grill. It will absolutely impart better flavor to your steaks, burgers, chicken or fish. Plus, it’s fun to look at. I still like to have a gas grill for when I’m in a hurry, but this thing is great and it makes you feel like you’re actually doing something. 


  1. Pig Tactical gloves

Never having been in the Special Forces, I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do with tactical gloves, but I love these and I wear them all the time. They’re stretchy and comfortable and perfect for cool, not cold, weather. They make great driving gloves and you can even use a touch screen with them on.


  1. Timex military watch

I used to have a bad watch habit and I still like nice Swiss watches, but I need a watch that I’m not afraid of losing or damaging. This is a very inexpensive watch, but I like the way it looks and it keeps better time than any of my good watches. There are color choices for both the case and the strap, but I like the orange. I use it for camping or messing around outside. I put a tiny clip-on compass on the strap, so people will think that I’m a serious outdoorsman.


  1. Dress Sneakers

This is a somewhat new style of casual shoe that has become very popular. It’s a bit less casual than a leisure type sneaker, but it’s perfect for today’s better casual sportswear. In general, they look like Stan Smith classic tennis shoes, but with calf or suede uppers in black, brown, tan, grey, among other colors. You can find them from Allen Edmonds, Trask, Cole Haan, etc. Most men’s shoe brands have their own version. Very nice, I think.


  1. Noise canceling headphones

I use mine primarily on airplanes. They nearly eliminate the drone from the engines and the wind. I plug in my iPod and read and feel noticeably more relaxed after the flight. They’re also the perfect thing to put on if you have an overly chatty neighbor on your flight. The Bowers and Wilkins model pictured here is the elite brand, but Sony and Bose make very good ones as well.


  1. Compact flashlight

Most of these high quality, high output flashlights are referred to as tactical, but, as with the gloves, I’m not sure what that means. I keep them in the gloveboxes of our cars and in the kitchen for taking the dogs out before bedtime. Not very tactical, but I like them. They’re a bit bigger than a magic marker, rechargeable and very bright. There are a lot of different brands. The Fenix model pictured here is a good one.


I hope this gives you a few ideas for gifts that the man in your life might enjoy. Happy holidays!

- Scott Barber

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Charles Brantley
Charles Brantley

December 09, 2021

This and “Worth the Money” are great! Miss the lists and Scott.

larry koskela
larry koskela

November 11, 2020

Will you be getting more of the stretched corduroy black jeans? They are shown as sold out. Thanks.

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