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Since starting my brand, I’ve occasionally questioned the value of what we do. We make nice, expensive clothes for men. We do our best to make beautiful things that are worth what you pay for them. Yet, it’s easy to think that this isn’t the most important undertaking. Smart, capable people are working on cures for disease, improving our education system and ways to make the world a safer place. Meanwhile, it was easy for me to feel like I was making fancy clothes so that wealthy guys could indulge themselves. Then, I read an article that made me feel a bit better. The writer’s premise was that dressing well had something to do with good manners and thoughtfulness. He equated it to bathing regularly (something that I try to practice), brushing your teeth and keeping your fingernails trimmed. Other people have to look at you and, when they do, they think you look nice, that you took the time to get cleaned up and put on some nice clothes before going out in public. This is different than showing off or trying to outdo everyone, which is less virtuous. Now, I know there are men out there with a great deal of money who spend a lot on their clothes and I’m thankful for them. If someone is loaded, it’s none of my business how much they pay for their cars, their wine or their fly rods. I do hope they spend a bit of it on clothes and also contribute some of it to worthy causes. My point is, even if they are indulging themselves, I don’t mind as long as they aren’t rubbing anyone’s nose in it. For the rest of us, dressing well can be viewed in a more positive, less selfish light. So, do the right thing. Get out there and buy some more nice clothes.

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Greg Hinsdale
Greg Hinsdale

November 11, 2020

Well said! First impressions are everything and clothing we chose to wear says a whole lot, and makes us feel good & confident

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