April 01, 2019

I remember talking to a talented store owner friend a long time ago. He said, “When I change my store from fall/winter to spring/summer, I want people to notice.”

I’d like to think that we do that with our spring/summer collections. Fall is wonderful with rich colors and textures, navy, burgundy, gray and brown, but spring is the time to be outside having fun in the sun. We want our spring presentation to embody that idea. Blue is always prevalent, from sky blue to soft cornflower, to French blue, the bright navy that sailors call flag blue to classic navy, the most flattering color of all. Everyone looks good in blue and most men like blue.

We also favor softer reds in the spring and we show coral and orange as well as butterscotch yellow and greens from aqua to soft lime and jade. Pink and lavender may not sound like masculine colors, but they’re nice spring colors. We use a lot of white grounds and we sometimes throw a lot of colors on one shirt pattern. This makes a fun statement until it gets to be too strong.

I also like just white and color or white and color with a touch of beige, which makes the shirt work well with the pant color that we all wear so often.

Plaids really lend themselves well to color and you shouldn’t shy away from plaid shirts. Some men feel like plaids aren’t flattering or that they look heavy wearing a plaid shirt, but I say go with what you’ve got. If you’re a big guy, you’re a big guy, but that shouldn’t keep you from wearing what you want to wear.

I’m eager for the weather to turn and to get outside. I hope you all have great fun this spring and summer and that you look fresh and happy in your favorite colors.

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