September 25, 2019

The weather has started to turn and it’s time to think about how we’re going to dress for fall. The rules keep changing, if there are still rules. I’ve noticed that the term “business casual” has gone the way of “casual Friday”.

I thought I had a pretty concise idea of what business casual meant. I would wear a soft-constructed sport coat, nice cotton pants and a neat patterned sport shirt with a loafer or chukka boot. Someone else might wear a tailored sport jacket, wool pants and a dress shirt without a tie. Today, so few people wear a jacket to work that “business casual” may as well mean anything nicer than what you wear to do yard work.

No matter, I know that you care about looking your best and you’re in the habit of spending money on good clothes. Just because you don’t wear a dark suit with a woven tie, bench-made shoes and a topcoat, doesn’t mean that looking good is less important to you than it used to be. It’s simple to look your best even when you’re dressing quite casually. Just buy great clothes. There are beautiful washed cotton pants, knit shirts and sweaters made from special yarns and relaxed, comfortable brushed twill plaid shirts. The new synthetic performance knits are comfortable and easy to care for and the good ones are flattering and appropriate for any casual occasion.

The marketplace has really responded with a wealth of exceptionally well-designed and well-made casual sportswear. It runs from refined to rustic, but you’ll immediately distinguish between special and ordinary and it’s worth it to buy the good stuff.

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