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Our Covid-19 Response

We know that times are difficult for most everyone right now. We’ve been offering our merchandise at exceptionally low prices to give you great value and a reason to buy as well as doing our best to retain our staff and get through this crisis.

We’re following the CDC guidelines carefully. We only have two or three people in our building at a time and we’re all in separate areas of the building. We carefully sanitize our work areas, especially all surfaces in the shipping department. We use hand sanitizer constantly. We aren’t open to the public and we don’t allow anyone in our building other than someone delivering new product to us, which is very rare these days. The postal service and UPS pick up outgoing shipments outside the building.  We’re told that the virus shouldn’t live long enough to get to you, but we don’t want to be the source of exposure to anyone.

The shipping entities and the delivery people aren’t under our control, of course. If you can leave a box on the porch or in your mailbox for a day, that will reduce the chance of transmission. If not, you can set it aside in a safe place, sanitize your hands and wait to handle it.

We’re being as careful as we know how and we hope you are, too. We really value you and we wish you the very best.


Warm regards,



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