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November 27, 2018

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


1.Winmau Bristle Dartboard

winmau bristle board

I’ve had one of these since college and it’s still a lot of fun. It’s like archery or target shooting in that you always think you’ll do better on the next round. It’s a great way to tear your son away from playing Fortnight and leave the technology alone for a while.


2. Case Desk Knife


I would call this a letter opener although it is sharp enough to do some serious damage. I suppose I like it because I like knives and I like the way this looks and works. It has stag horn handles, a leather sheath and it will open anything. After using one of these, using a letter opener that’s as dull as a butter knife just doesn’t cut it (wink).


3. Christofle Scottish Whiskey Glasses

whiskey glass

Drinking good whiskey is a special occasion and these make it even more special. They feel substantial in your hand and the cut glass pattern reminds me of a classic shirt pattern. Don’t let anyone else wash them. Breaking one is a serious offense.


4. Vinturi Corkscrew 


I used to have a very heavy duty countertop-mounted version that I loved, but my wife got tired of banging her hip on it. There’s a similar one to the Vinturi called The Rabbit, but mine didn’t take long to break. The Vinturi has held up well and provides an effortless way to open a bottle of wine.


5. Ring Doorbell 

ring doorbell

By now, I suppose everyone knows what this is. We did a bit of remodeling at our house and installed one of these. It really is kind of slick. You can see who’s at your door no matter where you are and it will record for a little while if it detects motion. We added a camera by the hot tub, so we can check on the kids to see what they’re fighting about.


6. Nest Thermostat 

nest thermostat

This kind of fits in with the Ring. It’s nothing you really need, but it looks cool and it’s smart, meaning that it learns your habits and does a good job of keeping your house at the right temperature and saving energy when you’re away. For me, it mostly just looks cool. I’ll take the leap of faith that it actually does something worthwhile.


7.Hopkins Snow Broom  

    hopkins snow broom

    It’s nice to have a heavy duty ice scraper/broom in your car. It’s not up there with a good Swiss watch, but using a credit card isn’t fun. This is a good sturdy one and long enough to reach where it needs to even on my wife’s gargantuan SUV, which I still haven’t mastered parking straight.


    8. Ryobi Handheld Tire Inflator

    Ryobi Tire Inflator

    This is a pretty neat little device. I have an air compressor, but you have to turn it on and make a sandwich while it gets ready. This one recharges like a drill and is very easy to use. It’s a bit slow to get the last couple pounds of air in and I’m pretty sure the pressure gauge reads a little high, but it’s nice to have around. There are other brands, but this is the only one I’ve used and I like it.


    9. Metro Vac Car Vacuum


    metro car vac

    My wife gave this to me a long time ago and I love it. It’s really powerful and very handy to clean the pulverized fish crackers out of car seats. It’s also handy for cleaning furniture and hard to reach spots like under the stove. I did that yesterday and it makes me wonder how my dogs still have hair on them.


    10. Zero Tech Drone

    zero tech drone

    I bought one of these for my son. He has a larger drone which is fun, but you can stick this in your pocket. The blades fold out when you’re ready to fly and you control it with your phone, like almost everything these days. It can fly in strong winds and do a bunch of stuff, none of which I understand. My son will be able to figure all that out a lot quicker than I can.


    11. Lou Board Electric Skateboard

    Lou Board

    This is another thing I gave Charlie, my son. It’s a great way to bust yourself up as it goes 22 mph, but it is fun. It’s not a long board, so it’s easy to carry around. You can also ride it like a regular skateboard if the batteries die, something a lot of electric boards won’t do. Very fun and very dumb to do without a helmet.

    So, if there’s a man in your life who deserves a Christmas present, I hope I’ve given you a couple of ideas. There should be at least one thing here that might make him happy. I hope you all enjoy the holidays and that 2019 brings you much happiness.

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